The Natural World: The Women that Swims with Killer Whales

Watching this program made me think about what we consider dangerous and whether we are right or wrong because here we had someone swimming with the top predator in the sea yet they were interacting with her not trying to kill her.

For me this led me on to thinking about how well do you know someone, when you don’t know them how do you know whether they are dangerous or not, different idea but stop and think just because they are top predator in the sea and have had incidents in captivity does that really mean these whales are a danger to us?  While I was thinking about this watching the program I started to realise that they have capability to be dangerous however these whales didn’t move a muscle to hurt this women that was swimming with them, they displayed high intelligents in the fact they were interacting with Ingrid.

In 2010 there was an incident where a Killer Whale in Sea World killed a trainer, but before you go blaming the whale I really do think we need to stop and think if wild Killer Whales interact or just ignore people swimming with them and cause them no harm what is the difference between them and their captive counterparts.  I am not qualified to answer that question but it is definitely worth thinking about because the documentary ok it was a little biased towards portraying these huge animals in a good light and how much we need to help them, but this women is doing this day in day out and not coming to any harm with them.

Captivity is something that I am on the fence with though, as I think they should be left in the wild and being kept in tanks isn’t good for them.  On the other hand having a few in captivity could be a good thing in the long run because your able to make people more aware of these animals along with breeding programs.  Which ok increase the population however whether or not they can be successful reintroduced into the wild I am yet to find a definitive answer for.

All in all though I found this documentary very insightful and if you get chance to catch it on BBC IPlayer it was while worth a watch.

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