Rise of the Planet of the Apes Review

Now I would just like to make this point before I started this review I have never seen the Planet of the Apes.  Although it some respects when you look around at movies it is probably one I should have seen but I haven’t.  Anyway back to the movie in hand, you have a scientist trying to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and it experimenting on chimps.  When he realises he has made a break through wants to show his boss and investors that they drug shows drastic signs of improving their ability to think and increase intelligence.

However when it comes to the meeting they try to get the Chimp that is showing the best improvement out and it reacts in an aggressive manner attacking, people and the experiment is shut down with the apes being put down.  When it comes to looking into the apes catch that went off on one they find a baby and none of them have the heart to put it down so the scientist takes him home and that is where the story basically kicks in.

Overall I found that this movie was really quite good, and the acting for the most part really good.  Tom Felton was in this movie who played Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter although it was a good performance by him he was playing a very similar role as he did as Draco and when I saw that he was in the movie I was kind of hoping that the young actor would show us something different.

In conclusion I would say this was a good movie, I am not sure that it lived up to the hype surrounding it however I would give it a respectable 7/10 because I did enjoy it.


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