Conspiracy Theories Right or Wrong?

Now first off I must apologies for any spelling mistakes and alike as I am writing this on my phone.

However last night I watched the Conspiracy Files on the BBC about the September 11th attacks and it got me thinking about the way in which we interrupt things and whether these interruptions hold any grounds. Now regular readers and people that know me all know I’m all for freedom of speech but there is a problem in my mind with these conspiracy theories.

The problem I see with these theories is the wording. When you hear the word theory in my mind theory gives me the impression that it is absolute fact and when you take the 9/11 attacks they have facts but they aren’t the most convincing. The reason for this is because while watching the program I noticed that these people were twisting evidence to meet their suspicions. My biggest problem is we already have an official explanation and for most they are ok with it which in turn gives some kind of closure for the people that lost love ones. Keeping these theories going means it brings up the horrible event again.

That being said though the program itself might have its on biases what are your views on conspiracy theories do they have there place?

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