Blogging and Journalism Come and Hand in Hand don’t they?

Blogging and Journalism we have for quite some time put in the same sort of category, and in a sense they are one of the same thing as people are effectively writing articles and informing people on the web and in the paper.  However have you really stopped to think about it, the truth is blogging is a tool used by Journalists but it doesn’t necessarily mean every blogger is a Journalist.

Now I know that sounds a bit harsh and some Journalists have started off from blogging, but if you stop and think how easy it is to create a blog and how many people do it, if you considered everyone that blogs a journalist that would be offensive to journalists as they are skilled people.  What makes them different is the way they deal with the material and how it is reported.  I know from my experience of blogging it is just a tinted view on what is happening in the world and the idea is to produce balanced arguments.  Not saying that bloggers don’t but the media lends itself to opinion more than professional journalism.

While people strive to be the first ones to report the story in the world of Journalism the same can be said about bloggers, just I have the feeling some times that yes it is good to be first, however it’s not always essential the internet is a weird and wonderful place and people will read the content that they want when they want.  Where as if your writing for a paper then you have deadlines to meet you need the latest and greatest on time you have to be a lot more cut throat.

In conclusion to this article I do believe in many respects they very similar but the whole model between them can differ greatly, with blogging tending to be more of an opinion than fact however much the author tries.  That being said though you do have the same with papers, and the need to be more cut throat in journalism than in blogs.  Obviously all depending on what you’re trying to achieve though because every situation is different.

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