Don’t Produce a lot of Content but want to try Empire Avenue?

While it didn’t really bother me an idea that I was playing around with earlier was how daunting Empire Avenue can be if you’re not really a regular content producer, as your dividends seemingly come from your social interaction.  While this is true don’t panic if you want to try Empire Avenue but you are not really a producer of a lot of content that doesn’t mean you can’t do well.

Now yes you do need to produce some content, but you would be surprised what qualifies and what can be used to produce dividends.  So you only tweet 5 times a day, blog once a week and visit Facebook once in a blue moon it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Empire Avenue and try to meet new people.  The trick is just like the stock market good investments.  Now I am not going to confuse that I know what I am doing, because I don’t and to be honest this blog was written because it seemed like a good idea and they are my findings.  I have been quiet for the last week or so on my blog front, along with being somewhat estrange from my social media but I had been investing in a few people.  I found that even though I wasn’t producing my normal amount of content my yield was going up thus keeping share holders happy.

So in conclusion if you are a content producer and are just going through a dry patch or you are someone wanting to try out Empire Avenue but are worried that you don’t do enough in the social media world don’t worry, there is more than one way to skin a cat in Empire Avenue.

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