Captain America: The First Avenger Review

World War 2 propaganda and mockery eat your heart out.  While that kind of sums up this movie in one sentence in some respects, that being said don’t write it off just yet.  Now I must admit I am not the type of person that reads comic books so when I see these movies I see them as movies and not what was written down on the comic strip so I can’t really compare it to that.

The opening statement I made is true however it can be a little harsh because although this movie is based on a person wanting to become a solider in World War 2 and server is country the movie quickly moves away from World War 2 and becomes Good vs Evil, which in my view was a good thing because it took itself away from a real historical event into the land of fantasy set in our world.

Overall I really enjoyed this movie it is something that you could see with near enough anyone and it would bring laughed and satisfy most people’s needs for a movie.  The action scenes I thought was good along with the acting, that being said though I felt that Hugo Weaving was probably the let down of the cast.  The reason for this I felt he just didn’t fit the role and consequently made the villain slightly weaker in the movie.  That being said though this movie is a definite go and see.  I really enjoyed it and thus give it 8/10


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