Push Mail Not Just for Blackberry

On my quest to find out more about push notifications mainly for email after looking at Blackberry as a phone.  Part of this was for battery life and it seemed as long as you’re not receiving notifications every second of the day it is better on battery life due to the fact your phone isn’t collecting data when there is no need to request data.

Now you’ll be pleased to learn that you can actually get push mail from most providers that I didn’t really know until I looked at the subject in more detail and unfortunately for me this was after I purchased my Blackberry.  Although that move I still stand by because Facebook and Twitter are also pushed on them not just email.  However back to the topic in hand, my money is that your email provider gives you push email you just don’t know it.  We all know that Google offer it along with Yahoo, but stop your own domain can give you push mail as well.

The trick is to find the right client that supports push mail.  As I have only had an Android and Blackberry the Android default mail client doesn’t other than the GMail application, but you can get a K9 Mail that does to instead of the Mail client included with Android.  The only other thing you will need is to use IMAP setting not POP.  It seems that IMAP has the ability to send out push notifications and keeps the connection alive but not using any data until it receives a new message.

So don’t feel like Blackberry are the only ones that offer push mail for other email addresses other than GMail and Yahoo because they aren’t all you need to do is use IMAP settings and a client that supports push technology.

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