Horrible Bosses Review

Jennifer Aniston in a completely different role to what we are used to seeing her in and my god did she play it well.  Ok with that out the way because she does play a very flirtatious role in this movie.  I must admit for considering how many stars are in this movie I hadn’t heard much about it to so was going into the movie not expecting much and was pleasantly surprised.

I will say one thing though before I go into the review too much and that you need to go and look at the movie for what it is, you can’t really look underneath the surface too much otherwise you fill find flaws in the storyline and scenes so please don’t take this movie too seriously.

First of all the storyline is quite a simple concept and it was very effective I think for the type of movie they were aiming for, I believe it was meant to be light-hearted and suppose to be one of these movies that everyone can relate to as you have some weird individuals in this movie without trying to give too much away.  The acting was pretty solid for the material and as a guy it is always good to see Jennifer Aniston wearing hardly anything when watching a movie.  The three lead roles were extremely well-played with great chemistry for this movie.

The storyline although a great concept and on the surface great I felt that it lacked detail in some places and left you thinking well that wouldn’t happen and surely they could have worked that out, but like stated above definitely should be taken tongue in cheek.

In conclusion this is definitely one to see if you want some light comedy I’d give it 7/10


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