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As any of you that actually know me, knows that I was in love with my Android and to be honest I still am.  That being said though I have opted over to the dark side and got a Blackberry.  First reason for this is because of the battery issues I was facing with my HTC Hero, mainly due to the age of the phone now.

The first thing I thought of when considering a new phone was time to stop and think about what I actually use the phone for, and it slowly dawned on me that ok I love my Android but the Blackberry might actually cover my needs better than the Android.  The reason for this is that battery is important to me and I realised that I only really use my phone for email, twitter and Facebook and after doing a bit of research it turns out Blackberry handles those really well and with better battery life over the Android.

So after a week of using a Blackberry I have to say I am happy with it, the only issues that I have is the Twitter application for Blackberry doesn’t always push the Direct Messages and Mentions reliably however the battery life due to the fact it uses push technology over pull technology.

So if you’re considering Blackberry and Android, I think that you need to consider what you want from a phone, if it is only email, Twitter and Facebook really the Blackberry is the way forward at the present moment in time because the phone lasts a lot longer than the Android.  I have been getting double the amount of time out of my Blackberry with ease.

With all that said if you want freedom and a wide range of application Android is better, due to the fact it has loads of games and Applications for all sorts of things.  I know Blackberry does to but it’s not as extensive as an Android.

Am I happy with my Blackberry?

Yes it does everything I want with a better battery life, however if you an application for everything and use a phone as a Swiss Army Knife the way forward is an Android.

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    1. Cheers, wouldn’t like to comment on IPhone as I have never owned one, also it does incorporates push technologies more then Android so who I don’t know battery life might be better than an Android

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