The Hacking Scandal

Ok I tried to stay away from the hacking scandal because I for one think it is getting too much press coverage.  Ok we need to know what is going on however the coverage as it is, has to be effecting the inquiries that are taking place about the issue.  The point I wish to make on the subject is that I feel that it is wrong to be holding Rupert Murdoch like they are.

Yes he is the company owner and Yes he needs to held to account for the wrong doing if he has been involved, however I was sat there watching the inquiry yesterday thinking that it was an old man who generally probably didn’t know exactly what was going on.  Ok this can be argued it is his company of cause he knew, but have you stopped and thought of other big companies and how it all works.  The bigger the company the less you have to do with the day-to-day running of the company or at least you gain fewer details over the day-to-day running anyway.

I think that James Murdoch needs to be the one that takes part in the inquiry more than Rupert Murdoch along with Rebekah Brooks, because quite frankly Rupert Murdoch looked old and that he generally didn’t know what was going on, for me anyway.

My question would be would you want your older relations going through this if they are the age they are?  Now I know that he might be one of the people involved and if he is I think he should be punished however putting him through the stress he is to me is wrong at his age.

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