Hitman Movie Review

Finally got around to writing this review been a tad bit off the pace the last couple of days.  I have to say I thought this movie was ok at best, it had all the components to be a great movie but it just seem to lack something.  Which generally what happens when you turn video games into movies.

That being said if you like movies where the hunter becomes the hunted than this is the movie for you, the acting isn’t all that bad considering the script they have been given.  The major problem I had with the movie is you could see what was going to happen in the first 10 minutes it just seem to lack depth.

As all movies like this have, you see the love story unfold between two very unlikely characters.  Although this isn’t a positive review I have to say that it could be worth watch on a crap movie night or something because it has enough blood and gor to keep you going.  I wouldn’t completely write this movie off I’d give it about a 4/10 which in my mind is a see once just to say you have really.

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