How do you read your news and is it worth considering going back to the Traditional Paper?

Fleet Street so to speak has had a hammering this week with the departure of the News of the World over the allegations of Phone Hacking, but while watching the headlines on The Wright Stuff this morning it made think about how I read the news and possibly the fact that I could be missing out.  Now I know this goes against my media, not that I am journalist however I am kind of writing a column loosely if you think about it, as this blog is just a running commentary on what matters to me in the most part.

That being said, I realised yes the internet is free to read the news in most cases however I am limiting my news in take.  If you sit there and think about it, you are going directly to the content you want once there you will close the window in the most part.  Unless there is a similar story that catches your eye on that page too, where as if you buy a traditional news paper you get stories that you wouldn’t normally read.

When we look into the educational system you get educated in a smaller array of subjects so you specialise in them the further up the system you go, which is great but can you say that it is the same with the news?  Now we all know that not matter who produces the content that there will be a biased opinion to the news, that’s just human nature.  However I realised while thinking about this subject that the Internet is a great tool for finding things out and gives people the freedom to find whatever they want whether its news from a different country, but I think at the same time it could be making us ignorant to what else is around us.  Where as the traditional newspaper gives us an opportunity to broaden our horizons.

How do you feel about it?

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