Google + after an Invite

I must admit I wasn’t sure whether Google + was worth the hype when I first read about the social network, but now I have had an invite I have to say I am still not sure where it really fits into my arsenal of social network.  This could be because I am really happy using Twitter as my main place on the net to communicate with people.

The reason for this is the fact that you don’t necessarily need to know the person in order to discuss with them an issue that you want to talk about, which in turn brings out some interesting views that you might not of seen on the subject.  Like all ways of communicating it has its disadvantages the fact that you can be ignored and you can feel like your such a small opinion when no one gets back to you.

All that being said after a few hours of use of Google+ I have to say it seems to bridge the gap better between Facebook and Twitter, meaning that the social network gives you an easier way to organise the content you produce and who can see what.  Although this doesn’t quite give you the freedom of Twitter to talk to people it does give you more than Facebook straight off the bat, but also gives you the privacy of Facebook.

I feel that Google+ can be quite clunky at the moment and it is sometimes a bit difficult to find what you want, that being said we need to remember it is still running under testing.  Some changes I think they do need to make is the fact that your profile is using your real name although you have a nickname field it doesn’t work with Google+, which seems one of the major places you need a nickname so you can use it for people you don’t really know.

I welcome Google’s offering to the social networking market, that being said I can’t see me using Google+ just because I don’t really use Facebook an awful lot and I can’t see it taking over from Twitter for me.

How do you find Google+ let me know.

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