Final Thoughts on Empire Avenue

I have been on Empire Avenue now for about a month and I must admit I was sceptical on how successful it would be for me.  Now I admit the idea of connecting with other people who you wouldn’t normally connect with is something that I really like the idea of.  Empire Avenue encourages you to make comments and content to share with others.

The problem I have with the game/social network is that I believed that it increased the chances of spam as people would start to comment on things that they didn’t really know anything about, and if I am honest that is still a concern of mine.  With that in mind though I have spent some time on the site now and I have to say that I haven’t actually had any spam on any of my accounts and have met quite a few people on twitter that all have the same sort of aims just in different fields.

So is Empire Avenue something to get involved in?  I’d say yes but the trouble with that is I think I have been lucky to stumble upon a few people who are looking for the same sort of thing.  They are small fry in the internet world, not wishing to be offensive looking to get their content out to people and it is yet to be seen whether working together we can get it out to a larger audience.  However it is great to meet like-minded people and expanding your social horizons.

So if you’re a content produce or just like socializing than get yourself on Empire Avenue and learn a bit about the stock market at the same time.  Let me know about your experineces with Empire Avenue.

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