Stop and Think The News of World has been axed

If I am honest I didn’t really want comment on this subject as it is such a sensitive subject.  The problem that the News of the World has faced is the fact that people have been caught hacking celebrities phones in order to get a story.  Although this is wrong and I do believe that the individuals that are to blame need to be put the justice.  Have the companies that have pulled out from advertising in the News of the World actually stopped to think about the bigger picture, yes what has happened have has been wrong and I wouldn’t want my company associated with what has been going on.

But what happens to all the jobs that are lost? This country has a high unemployed statistic and loads of people applying for one position, so why force a paper to be axed culling loads of jobs for innocent people.  There is talk about The Sun now becoming a 7 days a week paper, which could open extra jobs but I think the axing of the paper is going to far and that they just need to find the people responsible not just get rid of the problem by killing the paper in my opinion.

How do you feel about this situation let me know in a comment.



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