Google Facebook the Competition showing the World the Way

As we see the Global Economy struggling we see more and more companies swallowing each other up to keep businesses going.  However that causes one problem, it means that it reduces competition in the market place which than in turn limits the choices for us as the consumers.

Now Google and Facebook have shown in the last week why competition is key to any market or even for life.  Competition is needed so that you push the bar higher.  Google have launch their new social network as discussed in my previous article here with the chance of video calling being its main pull, now within a week of the limited launch of Google’s social network Facebook has reacted by partnering up with Microsoft to use Skype as a foundation for its video calling service.

Now I could be completely wrong but would Facebook really of made this move if it wasn’t for Google competing my answer would yes they probably would however it wouldn’t have been so quick and we would have had to wait longer for it.  The reason for the move seems to be in reaction to Google.

You can take it out of context of technology and reflect on your own lives and how we make ourselves more skilled or want to learn or achieve more.  The way in which we do this is by creating competition wanting to do better than someone else when you know you can achieve it, this is a very black and white way of viewing things and there are a lot of grey areas in between.  However if out competition there wouldn’t be a need to make better products so should other people and markets take a leaf out the social networking market and look at what these two Giants have really achieved?

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