What can a Blog do for You in 2011?

The internet is forever changing more and more people are getting on the internet, which is nothing new but how can a blog work for you?  If you’re in blogging just to make money from it, I have some bad news for you it will probably not work out for you unless you are very lucky.  The way to make a blog work for you is to promote yourself and the services you provide.

Now I openly admit that this blog doesn’t do that really as I treat it as my area of the internet where I can shout and moan about whatever I want, but take me for example if I wanted to make real money from this blog.  I would have to promote myself, so in my case it would be news about computers and how to fix common problems.  I would use it to educate people and show them different ways to achieve tasks while holding a certain amount back to offer a premium service.

In the most part though I produce content just because I enjoy producing it and if I make money from it great if I don’t I haven’t lost much other than my hosting fee and my time.  The blog is something that can open doors for you, however just don’t think of it as a money spinner because there are a lot blogs out there and a lot of people doing the same thing.  So you need to either stand out from the crowd or you need to offer other services alongside producing content for you blog to realistically make money from your blog.

Let me know whether you agree or disagree, along with what you do with your blog.

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Well what can I say I have to be one of the most boring people going but you've obviously found something of interest on this site so why not stick around and found out a bit more. I originally started blogging after taking Web Design at University and its just gone from there. I have made a few mistakes on the way and decided to start a fresh due to problems but this is going to be the real deal. Typically talking tech and what matters to me :) Happy reading and keep smiling Stueeey

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