Transformers Dark Side of the Moon Review

The latest in the Transformers movie series and I have to say if you liked the first two you will not be disappointed with this one.  It is a typical Michael Bay movie with great special effects although I must admit I didn’t see the 3D version.  The problem I had with the movie I felt that there were too many clichés.  The Autobot would always come around the corner at the right time, and I felt that some of the scenes he could have been there from the beginning because one minute they were altogether and the next minute they were a part with no reason for them to be, or link to show them splitting up.

The only other flaw in the movie I thought was the scene where the Autobots get captured and I felt that this was a little unrealistic due to the fact that you see one Autobot slice up loads of Deceptcons in a later scene.  Which I felt was a bit of a buzz kill on that scene due to the fact you saw they could fight loads at a time and there they were trapped 5 on 3 I think it was which was a bit of let down.

As for the acting for what is was the acting was pretty good, and I was a bit disappointed coming into the movie that Megan Fox was no longer in it.  However the chemistry between the two leads was so much better and it gave the storyline a bit more depth although it was exploited that much.

Overall I thought this movie was good for what it was and that it could have been developed a bit more.  That being said though it still gets a 9/10 so get yourself to your local cinema and see it you will not be disappointed.

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