Google + and the hype is it worth it?

Whenever someone as big as Google comes out with a new product there seems to be always a huge hype about it.  Now the main reason for that is they are either doing something quite different or trying to tread on someone else’s toes, or maybe even both.  Which some times the cause of the hype and I think it’s the same with Google + its latest attempt to get into the social networking game.

From the start I would like to say I haven’t actually tried it however I have been around the internet reading reviews and watching screen casts of people using the system and I have to say nothing really big stands out for me.  That could be part to the fact that I don’t really use Facebook any more either.  This is not to say that I am not a person that doesn’t like using social networking it’s just I prefer to use Twitter.  The main reason for this is because you have the ability to include new people in your discussion rather than just people in your social network already.  All that being said I do still use Facebook just it’s more of a log in when I get an email that look remotely like I need to respond to it or I get notifications of birthdays.

To me once the hype has died down I feel that Google + will slowly go the way of Google Buzz having a few users but not really troubling the other competitors in the market.  That being said you could start to see changes in Facebook as it tries to react to some of the features that Google are offering such as the Hangout where you can use Web Cams to speak with people as part of the system.

So in conclusion this isn’t really a fair article because I haven’t tried it myself but I just feel that its something and nothing at the moment as I’ve seen from screen casts that it looks to similar to Facebook and its only really big defining feature seems to be the hangout.  I must stress though it is still in beta so we shall have to see how it develops, but as we know Google Betas don’t necessarily mean they are really true Betas look how long GMail was a beta for.

Have you used it?  What do you think a Facebook killer?

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