Sony Hacker gets Job with Facebook Right or Wrong?

When it comes to security we all know being proactive is better than being reactive, because it is a bit late fixing the problem after the event.  In this case Sony have had to after hackers brought down its entire gaming network.  One of the main culprits was sued by Sony, however was this enough?  The same guy has landed himself a job with internet giant Facebook.

Now part of me understands and can see why someone like Facebook would want to employ a hacker so that they can spot weaknesses in the system along with having such a good programming knowledge in order to do these attacks, what internet based company wouldn’t want these people.  The other side of my argument has he really served his time and isn’t this just rewarding breaking the law.

With the current job climate, so many people are out of work or struggling to find it and you have people who are breaking the law and because of it finding themselves job offers.  Now don’t get me wrong I do believe if you have paid for your mistakes than you have the right to second and chance and for this hacker Facebook is that second chance.  However he has just got the job because of breaking the law and to me that’s wrong.

Also with the increasing hacking activity on the internet isn’t this sending out the wrong message to the hackers.  Oh by the way if you do a good enough job you’ll land yourself a job?

What are your thoughts?


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