The Importance of Relative Posts on your Blog

I must admit this isn’t something I had really thought about until using my latest Theme for my blog, however why are relative posts good for your blog.  Have you ever stopped and considered your end users, the fact that they are looking for a post on the net about something in particular and found that on your blog?  Well if they have found it on your blog the chances are you have other articles on this subject there too.

If your like me I can’t find one main area to blog about it is something that I do just to air my opinions on all different kind of things so I admit my blog can be all over the place.  That being said though everything is all tagged and categories so it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  The thing I realised about relative posts was that they offer something different, at the bottom of every post people can see similar articles that could interest them and not only that those links can be used to for search engines as well.

With Google’s new updates to their Panda software and the emphasis on content quality rather than popularity as much, you have to think that relative posts have to be a good thing because it is sending the spider to content that is hopefully relative to what it was going through and hopefully increasing the quality factor of the content.  That being said I could be wrong as I am no specialist.

In conclusion though for me relative posts are a must as they give your readers somewhere else to go on your blog after they have read what they wanted on a like-minded subject.  As the problem with any blog or website getting for that matter people just get the information they want and leave they don’t tend to explore the site as much, so by having this features your increasing your chance that they might stay on your site longer and therefore be a returning reader.

What are your views on this subject?

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