Injunction on BT to block sites with Pirated Content

While doing my daily look around the web I stumbled on an article that said that the movie industry wanted to put an injunction on BT the biggest internet provider in the UK to block sites that has Pirated Content on them.  Now we all know that this brings open a can of worms.

For a start you can kind of see where the movie industry is coming from as highlighted in the article there are sites that purely host or provide links to pirated material and like it or not that is against the law in UK and most places in the world.  The problem comes when you think about what they are asking BT to do and that is censor the use of the internet for people.  Now I know that depending on the circumstances I have been of the mind-set that this is appropriate, for example using a DNS server to block malware for their customers might be a good idea as oppose to writing to individuals to tell them that they are infected by a specific infection like Virgin Media did.

However how would you really feel if you were blocked by your ISP from going to certain sites?  Would you feel like it was an invasion of your rights?

I personally don’t disagree with the movie markers wanting to do something about it however I do disagree with ISP’s putting in place this type of censorship as it is to block content and not block something that can harm people’s computers and the ISP’s network.


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