Google Panda Update Good or Bad?

This week has seen Google Update Panda.  For you that don’t know what Panda is, it is the software that Google uses in order to workout the ranking of your site

The update is to make it a fairer system, basing the search results on more than just popularity.  The new changes will base its ranking of sites on quality of content as well as its link backs.  There has been some evidence that some sites have lost out to the changes and others have gained but does it mean anything for most?

I don’t think it does it will just mean that people might need to think about the sites they are putting together a bit more, and consider what they are doing other than concentrating on links and other older techniques to get to the top of Google.  Not that means the old techniques aren’t still going to work.  As someone who is interested in this subject, however doesn’t really stress about it I will just see if it changes much on my little site.

Do you think the changes are good or bad?


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