Black Swan Movie Review

While I have to admit this isn’t really my type of film and for the first half I didn’t really get what was going on it wasn’t really building anything up in my opinion because it seemed to running aimlessly.  That being said I don’t think the movie would work without.  Just felt like I was getting lost and confused where the plot was going as from the outside it became obviously that this girl was just obsessing over being in Swan Lake.

Half way through however when she really starts to lose control and you start to see the mental stability of the girl it starts to become more gripping and a little bit more interesting.

I don’t want to write a long piece on this movie as it isn’t my type of movie, I felt the acting was really good for what they had to work with.  This will destroy it but the movie it reminded me of was Fight Club just because you saw the same sort of problem shown in that movie except for very different reasons.  I felt the movie was a really insight to how pressure can get to performers and people who obsess over things and feel like they have so much pressure on their shoulders.

Would I say its a must watch? No definitely not and I wouldn’t recommend watching it if your already depressed because it could be a distressing movie for some people.

I would be very interested what you thought of the movie and its subject matter.


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