Time Spent on the Internet to much?

Ok this article was a bit slow in coming out because to be honest I wasn’t sure how to word it, but while watching The Wright Stuff yesterday they were discussing whether or not teenagers spend to much time on the internet.  It was quite an interesting topic for me I must admit as it explored some of the reasons why people do it and whether or not it was having a negative influence on them.

The topic was bought on by the 19 year old hacker from Essex and it was discussing the trend in the fact people prefer to be sat at home on their PC’s as opposed to being and out doing something else, also discussing the way in which people of that age group used the internet.  Although I am not going to cover that topic specifically because I feel that it has been covered too many times and every time it comes out as a negative light.  I think the truth is yes you get people that do spend to much time on the internet as a negative and way but you could also turn it around and say that the same number of people or even more spend more or the same amount of time on the internet but in a positive manner.

Before you say while he was shut away in his room and didn’t go out, but can this be blammed on the internet or was the internet just his way of dealing with ongoing issues, giving him that window so to speak.

The other point that sprung to my mind yes I do spend a lot of time on the internet and on my PC but just stop and think for a minute as I am sure there are many of us that don’t spend a lot of time on the PC however have a Blackberry, Iphone or Android stuck in our hands checking email and using social networks like Twitter?

So what do you think is it a problem within younger people or does it just need to managed so that they use the internet for a positive reason and except the internet is now something that we deal with on a daily basis and just deal with it in different forms?

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