Computer Speed or Internet Speed what is the most important?

This was a question that I had been asking myself ever since my Chromebook thoughts, and a question that Chris Pirillo also asked on YouTube.  Now it has been for years that computer speed was the most important thing to people, but as computing has evolved we find our lives increasingly on the internet and have you sat at a computer with out an internet connection lately?  I know if I did I wouldn’t know what to do with myself because so much of my life is on the internet.

So with this in mind what is really that important to anyone?  My answer would be that they are both important however the way in which computers are evolving and the way in which we use them, I can see how the internet speed will be more important.  The whole Google Chrome Book OS is built around the internet for example and yes the arguments are that it is no good without an internet connection, but stop and think for a minute of what it is trying to achieve.

The idea behind the operating system other than Google trying to get into the market is to take low powered devices and give them the power to do whatever you want with them, and how does it achieve that?  While by simply using the internet connection and using servers and other computers to do the work needed.

With that in mind I think as we stand now I think they are both equally important but if rumours are right about Windows 8 and the way Chrome OS has gone, I believe in the future that we could have a point where individual computer power is forgotten and it will just boil down to the Computer just needing enough power to start a browser and everything else being done in the cloud.

What’s most important to you fast computer or internet connection?


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