Green Lantern Review

After reading around the net at reviews I wasn’t sure about this film as it doesn’t really paint it in a good light, but after going to see it I think it very much depends on what you want from the film.  After watching this film I felt I enjoyed it and that it was quite good but I could also understand where others on the net were coming from because they seemed to be more into the comic book hero thing, where as I was just sitting in front of the film as some one to watch it not compare it to others.

The film starts out with a full of himself pilot played by Ryan Reynolds that you soon realise that it’s not really the case he is hiding behind a bravado.  As the film goes on you see him develop the idea that anyone has the power to do anything as long as they don’t carry around the fear and disappointment.  As the source of his super powers is the source of will.  All of the characters seemed well placed and thought the acting was pretty good however Reynolds in this rule wasn’t as good as he has been in other films, but this could be to do with nature of the rule.

The only floor I found with the film is that one of the characters seemed to have a pivotal role in the film however you could also say that the time he spends in the film just to get killed by something that has given him his powers is some what of a waste, as he isn’t beaten by the super hero.  That being said you could turn it around another way and that it is an interesting twist as we know that we are expecting the super hero to kill all.

In conclusion I think this movie is well worth watching as long as you aren’t there to pick a part as a comic book movie.  I give it a 8/10


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