Netbook SSD Failure is its life over?

I must admit I loved my netbook while in University as it fit the bill just right light and highly portable and it did everything I wanted to be able to take notes in lectures and even long enough battery life to do work anywhere I wanted, but after leaving University I found I needed it less and less so with that in mind it got passed down to my brother in order for him to use it at University.

Now I few months ago the Solid State Hard Drive fails and I had a spare laptop so that went to Bro and I was left with a machine that needed a new Hard Drive but I had no really need for it so I didn’t really want to spend money on it, and after thinking about it over the weekend I realised that I could just run an OS off a pen drive and the poor thing would be up and running again.

So I picked my favorite Linux Distro Ubuntu and loaded it into a virtual machine on my desktop and created a USB Pen Drive which has the ability to run the Operating System and save changes to it meaning you can install whatever applications you want to run and it will be there next time you boot to the USB Drive.  Although this sounds great because my netbook is now working without spending any money.  There is one downside, that it takes ages for the netbook now to boot however once it is running it works bit slower than normal however it is sufficient for what I want it for and it could have something to do with the fact my pen drive is a bit on the slow side.

In conclusion though a hard drive failure doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the end of the netbook if you don’t want to spend money on getting a new hard drive or the issues of fitting the new one.

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