Virgin Media Tells Customers they are infected Right or Wrong?

The British ISP Virgin Media have hit the news with the fact that they have contact 1500 customers with the fact they are infected with a virus called SpyEye.  Now its no secret that anything with a computer does leave some kind of log and that to the everyday user we aren’t going to hide or try to combat the fact that our ISP’s have the ability to see what we download or what connections we are making to the internet.

The truth is they don’t really know without really looking because it would be two different systems that can be matched up in order to work out which customer is what so for the most part they only know the activity of that IP address and have to find out where that IP address is assigned to.  Now although this is a good reason to get in contact with customers is it right?  It has just highlighted that we might not have the privacy that we should have.

I know that TalkTalk had started a secure DNS which would be a good way to go if Virgin Media want to stop the spread of infections across its network, which means it blocks connections to different addresses as opposed actually seeking out and contact individuals.  Now this itself has its own problems as it could consider censorship and against our freedom to view and say whatever we want as long as it is within the laws of the country we are in.

What are your views on this move by Virgin were they right to notify customers?  Do you know of an alternative method that you would prefer ISPs to use to protect their customers?  Let me know in a comment.


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