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As you know I have a self hosted WordPress blog which suites me down to the ground being the fact that I like to change things and also have full control over my content rather than having to adhere to terms and conditions.  That being said though WordPress hosted blogs come with so many features out of the box that its self hosted installation doesn’t and when I saw Jetpack there was the answers to my problems.

While it’s a bit of an exaggeration because you can achieve the same results by installing a number of plugins but who really wants to do that if you can get away with installing one.

The features that come with this plugin are:

  • Simple, concise stats with no additional load on your server. Previously provided by WordPress.com Stats.
  • The WP.me URL shortener.
  • Hovercard popups for your commenters via Gravatar.
  • Easily embedded media from popular sites like YouTube, Digg, and Vimeo.
  • For the Math geeks, a simple way to include beautiful mathematical expressions on your site.
  • A widget for displaying recent tweets. Previously provided by Wickett Twitter Widget
  • Your readers can easily share your posts via email or their favorite social networks. Previously provided by the Sharedaddy WordPress plugin.
  • Your writing will improve thanks to After the Deadline, an artificial intelligence based spell, style, and grammar checker. Previously provided by the After the Deadline WordPress plugin.
  • and many more to come!

Now I must admit I installed it just to try it rather than really wanting to use it as I thought if it holds the features WordPress.com uses there must be something in there and after about a month of using it, it has been great.  The stats are no longer complicated and too much information to bother checking, as my previous plugin for that gave me details about every single user and I wasn’t really interested in that I was more interested in how they got to my blog and what articles interested them.  I can’t say I was that worried about what screen resolution they were using and operating system although very interesting facts.

The other feature that really sticks out for me is the proof reading, I know my written communication isn’t the best and that I have really enjoyed using Windows Live Writer but this jetpack gives better spelling and grammar checking than its offline counter part, so for that very reason it has got me back using the backend of my WordPress blog to produce content.

What I will say about this plugin its nothing exciting however what it does offer it is very good at and in my opinion it is a must have for any blog.

Any plugins that you really like or recommend let me know in a comment.

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