Chromebooks Will They Suite You?

While doing some maintenance to the blog and seeing my ads coming up quite a few times I notice there was a huge number of Chromebook ads, no surprise there as the ads are served by Google.  It made me think about my recent rethink to what computer I want next due to the fact that my desktop is now getting a bit long in the tooth and whether a Chromebook could be a good addition to my collection.

Now first a foremost I am a Google Chrome user as well as having an Android so being worried about Google and whether I want to use them isn’t a problem, however after being sat here for a while I started to really think about the way they would need to be used.  I do like the concept as it is all in the cloud however that does limit you, what happens when you haven’t got an internet connection?  Yes Google are working on certain application working offline but that being said most things will not as it stands.

The other point is yes it boots fast but from what I can see everything that will be available in the OS is a available in the browser because that is all the OS really.  Which than led me onto the question of the fact you would be limited by the software you could use, and surely it would a security risk as every Chromebook would be exactly the same so when an exploit is found it can be used and will hit everyone on them.

I can see the appeal though being the fact that it is only a browser it gives you near enough instant access to the internet and your work, if you loose it everything is linked to your Google Account so you won’t loose it and you will always have the most up to date version of your work.

To be honest, other than curiosity I can’t see myself using Google’s new offering even though it does seem cool because you can achieve exactly the same with a Windows, Mac or Linux machine just that they will take a little longer to load but do so much more and less restricted. 

What do you think will you be getting yourself a Chromebook?

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