ICloud Good or Bad Idea

I don’t know if you have had your head in the clouds of late but it seems that there is at the moment a huge attack on the gaming industry where hackers are targeting the game developers networks.  Starting off with Sony then Nintendo and latest being Codemasters website.

With that in mind Apple have decided to release a new product called ICloud.  Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of ICloud well if I was an Apple user anyway.  It gives me the ability to sync all my devices with each other giving me seamless access to my most important data no matter which machine of mine I am on, whether it be my IPad, iPhone, or Mac (if I had any of them).  I really like the idea and it seem like a reaction to the Google Chrome OS that will be launched this month, but is it really a good time for both to be launched at this time.

Yes there are always going to be hackers hitting one thing or another but at the moment hackers are in the news so will people want to take the risk of their data being taken?  I would say that if any company is launching a new online service it might be wise to delay the launch with the negative publicity to data safety in the news.

What are your thoughts on this matter feel free to comment?

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