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Now after posting an article on Google Chrome and it’s privacy issues that you can find here I decided to give the other major Webkit Browser ago and that is in the form of Safari.  Now I know Safari can be a lot like Microsoft’s offering of Internet Explorer in the fact that it is shipped with the operating system a lot of people just use it (This being in the case of Mac users).

If I am honest with you I really like the feeling of Safari even on my Windows XP machine and it has some nice little features such as reader which means that it takes all the ads out of the page you are reading so you don’t get distracted from what you are reading.  Along with a spelling and grammar functionality built in.  Ok this isn’t ground breaking as a lot of browsers have spell checkers in them having said that though, I haven’t seen a grammar checker in place inside a web browser.

The overall feel of the browser is quite nice and brings in the 3d effect on the new tab screen and it does seem very much graphic orientated being able to flick through your history as if it was flicking through windows in Vista or Windows 7.

As for speed it doesn’t seem as fast as Chrome however I haven’t really tested it out and only time will tell.  The other negative point I have for Safari is the fact it seems to use a huge amount of RAM compared to other browsers, it is sat up at 229,608 K with one tab open in comparison Firefox is sat at 69,280 K.  That being said having been mainly developed for a different operating system to Windows it would be interesting to see what Mac users think of Safari and whether it is a resource hog or not on there system.

What are your views on Safari do you like it?

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