Legalising Drugs in the UK – Yes or No?

This debate seems to be coming up time and time again with celebrities now getting on the Yes bandwagon but are they?  While watching The Wright Stuff this morning some very interesting points did come out of the show, as they normally do as long as the topic is sensible.  The major point for me was the question of how much damage do drugs actually do to society over legal drugs that people can consume and buy?

I think the major point for me is that there has got to be a cut off point but I do believe that drugs like Cannabis could be legalised for personal use, having to have a license to be able to sell the drug just like Alcohol.  As stated on the show, people were less aware of people that took the Cannabis causing problems unlike people that drink to much alcohol.  In some cases the drugs that are illegal if they were produced properly and not on the black market like they are at the moment would actually do less damage to the person’s body then the likes of Tobacco and Alcohol.

If I was to give an honest answer to this question then it would be yes I am for legalising drugs not for myself but the fact that they could properly produced and the government could tax them bringing in more money for important matters.  More importantly it would stop organised crime from profiting, along with freeing up Police time to deal with bigger crimes than catching people in possession of drugs that are in personal use quantities.

With that aside my concern then becomes how far do you allow it to go?  Where would the cut off point be?

Those questions I can’t answer myself with no personal experience of legal drugs and the consequences of them but to my mind it is food for thought if in some cases they do less social and physical damage then Alcohol.

How do you feel on the controversial subject let me know in a comment.


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