Google Chrome Thoughts on Privacy and Much More

If I’m honest I used Google Chrome when it was in beta before it came out about all the information that it could be leaking back to Google and then I promptly removed it from my system, the trouble with me is I haven’t got anything to hide but I don’t really like people looking over my shoulder.

As far as web browsers go Google Chrome is up there it first came to our PC and its main selling point was speed and if I am honest it still doesn’t disappoint.  The reason for this is being on Web Kit technology as oppose to the other engines that Firefox and Internet Explorer uses.  I don’t know the ins and outs of it however the Web Kit engine seems that little bit faster and is also what Safari is based on all be it that the port across from Mac to Windows hasn’t been the most successful move for the browser as I feel it uses to much memory on the Windows version.

However back to the point, after the beta testing and when the privacy issues came to light with Google Chrome I took it as an opportunity to go back to Firefox and to be honest that was where I stayed until now.  The reason for that was I felt that Firefox is just that little bit too slow even version 4, along with that Google Chrome gives you so much space on your screen for the actual website your viewing.

I had a eureka moment though as regards to privacy, if Google is in fact logging your browser movements, does that really matter?  As long as it isn’t taking anything that makes you identifiable, because the truth is no matter where you go on the internet you get cookies left behind which can tell that website that you have been there before.  They are also used across sites, for the ads on the site in order to target you.  So if Google are taking information from you are they taking away anything you wouldn’t already have given away?

I slowly came to the fact that if they were doing anything other than the normal data you would be giving away, then they would of been asked to change the code under the data protection act.  So should you have concerns about the privacy issue?  I would say no, and they are probably not even harvesting that much data from you, you will certainly not be identifiable.

Now with the Google Chrome OS out which is basically a bigger version of Google Chrome you will find there will be a lot more extensions available for Google Chrome which Google are now calling apps.  I will say that they are applications in some cases as you can get a fully functional version of TweetDeck using it.  That leads me onto another matter of do we do to much inside our browsers, are we relying on the internet and one program too much but that is for another day.

So what are views and comments on Google Chrome and its privacy issues?

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  1. I understand your reasoning however I feel that Chrome users are happy to sacrifice privacy for an enhanced browser.

    Luckily as Chrome is derived from the Chromium open source project, there are many developers that have released versions minus the Google Chrome privacy issues.

    I certainly advocate the need to discuss internet privacy, it certainly is a burning issue in these times.

    1. I must admit I was one of the people that was concerned about privacy. However I slowly came to the conclusion that I have an Android so I may aswell go the whole hog.

      Thanks for comment

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