CommentLuv Does it Work?

Well if I am honest I found this plug-in while searching around the internet looking for SEO tips and trying to get my blog out there to more people and on the face of it I can understand why it would work.  The idea is that while using this plug-in it will show the latest article on your blog after your comment, which in away awarding you for placing a comment on an article.

The advantage of this to the comment maker is that it gets their blog out there to others and if the site doesn’t use No Follow links it will increase the SEO.  However for such a good idea I can also see the negative in this situation.  The problem is for it to work well you need to find blogs with the plug-in to be able to take full advantage of it and I haven’t of yet unless I am searching for reviews or instructions for the plug-in.  Also the other issue you might have is the link that is provided for the comment to have on it might not be related to the article causing people not to click on it.

So my conclusion is that as this blog doesn’t get much attention I will keep the plug-in and see what happens, hopefully it will help but am I thinking that it is the best thing to help you with comments probably not but I haven’t had it running long enough to give it a fair chance.

Let me know your experiences with this plug-in and others that could be better.

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