World of Warcraft Tanks and DPS the Truth

Now we have all been there whether it is as DPS or a Tank in World of Warcraft and the group gets wiped or the Tank really struggles to hold aggro.  Now yes it is annoying but having started as DPS Hunter and now slowly moving my way through Tank classes I have slow become to realise that the success of a Tank isn’t just down to the Tank itself.

Now if the Tank is struggling to hold aggro that could be down to the tank but the success of any team game which is what it comes down to when in a dungeon group is the ability to work as a team.  If all goes well then a DPS just needs to hit the enemy with everything including the kitchen sink but what happens if it isn’t going your way?

The truth is most of the time you will have people having a right go of the tank at this point I would urge you to stop and think, is the Tank keeping aggro off the healer?  If the answer is yes and it is only going onto the DPS, this is where the skill of being a DPS comes in start changing your rotation and see whether that makes a difference.  Not taking away anything from the DPS role but that is the main skill in playing that role in a raid or dungeon knowing when to back off and change your angle of attack.

This is just my way of thinking and how I would advice working as a group to complete a raid or dungeon.  How are your experiences? Let me know in a comment.

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