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Now this morning I was in one of my reflecting moods, where I start to think what else can I achieve with something that I already have in place and it fell upon WordPress, my blogging tool of choice as I have my own hosting planning and prefer to have no limitations on what I can produce because it doesn’t conform to the specific companies profile.  I am one of these people that do believe in freedom of speech, and think that the internet is a great tool for that as that is what it was intended for.  That going off topic slightly I started to think what can you do with WordPress.  Is it just all about blogging or not?

Now what can you achieve within the standard WordPress, well first off other then blogging to the messes what is actually stopping you from keeping a personal diary in amongst what you want to share with the world?  There is the ability to keep things private, which means that it doesn’t actually get published to the web and only the people you specify can read it. Along with that you can also password protect posts which also means that other authors that you could have on your blog wouldn’t be able to see it.

Thinking along the same lines, I was thinking about projects and how you could use WordPress for everything to do with the project.  It led me to think of authors particularly the type that write books and novels.  They have to do research and have ideas on the go so why not use WordPress?  It has applications on mobile devices so why not store all your ideas in one central place?  The other advantage I thought of is that if your a not very well known author you could use the software to write updates, about your latest project and realise it to the web and get feedback, and increase your public profile so that it builds up the suspense when the book is realised. The beauty of WordPress for any author is you can keep all your research on a blog and it can be searched so if you want to find information you already have done the leg work for you can search for it.  Especially if you write about crime or something like that you might want to pull on information from a previous novel.

Moving away from what you can do with a WordPress blog as standard I started to consider what you can do with it for Web Design which is more my field and I slowly started to realise that it might even be a good Content Management System for a fully functional website not just a blog. I must admit that my preferred Content Management System at the moment in Joomla as it has all you could possibly need to make a fully function website with all the bells and whistles.  That being said it can be a very complicated platform depending on what you want to achieve.  So could WordPress achieve a similar thing to Joomla?  The answer I came to was yes and it could even be easier for the end user depending on their needs.

So is WordPress just for blogging?  The answer would have to be no if you host it yourself you could make it do whatever you want on the web as long as you have the know how or the patients to learn to adapt it.

Let me know what your experiences are with WordPress and using it for projects other than blogging.

If you haven’t used it you can have a standard one from free here: WordPress.com

If you have your hosting why not see what you can do with it and download the package from here: WordPress.org

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