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I openly admit I am no writer, this would be a weird opening statement to this article but its true.  I started blogging while I was in University to put into practice the technical skills I was learning and also in the hope that it would help my writing style as I suffer from dyslexia.  Now in I don’t know whether I have achieved this but while writing my article about thinking about WordPress Outside the Box I touched upon the uses for writers having a WordPress site for their work and material and thought that it could be a good article on its own.

The starting feature of WordPress is that it is designed for a form of writing all be it not the traditional type however it is a very easy way to get your work out on the internet.  The drawback is that there are so many blogs out there that you might not get yourself heard and in this case it is just a case of putting work into it yourself and getting your site promoted.  This being said the content needs to be there too.

So apart from the obvious of posting articles and showcasing your skills on those what else can you use WordPress for?  Well as an author you can share experiences that might not be directly related to your work but have influenced it and build a connection possibly with people that wouldn’t necessarily read your work.

Although you have things like Google Docs these days that are a place where you can just open up a web browser and have all your work at your finger tips no matter where you are, you can’t really search throw your work as well as you can blog.  I don’t know about you but I am really not the most organised person and if I was a writer I should imagine you get ideas when you least expect it.  So with that in mind you’d be able to just put a quick article together with that idea and keep it password protected or private on the blog, having it there for when you get chance to write it up.  What advantage does this have to just making an ordinary note?  Well we are only human and we could forget that we made that note, so when you have writers block you could just search the blog and see all the random ideas you have already come up with for inspiration.

The other point is that using software that you can get on the internet you can create eBooks and from within your WordPress blog you can sell your work yourself if you are not tied to a publisher.  Now this would take some setting up however it would be great way to generate your income if you were going independent.  Also if you used WordPress you could let people know little snippets of your next work and how it is going with them having the ability to comment and build a direct relationship with your audience.  Never underestimate the power of communication with people and the web makes that easier.

That leads me onto my final point that because WordPress is designed for blogging it has social networking in mind so that instantly gives you the ability to try and communicate with your audience with very little work.

This seems to be a very good tool for writers : http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.php it allows you export your work allsorts of formats including Amazon kindle and other popular eBook formats.  Although this is only available on a Mac you can get the beta version for Windows: http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivenerforwindows/ 

Be warned however I haven’t personally used this software.

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