GP Incentives Right or Wrong?

I was amazed by the way GP’s have incentives and what for this morning watching The Wright Stuff out of the four incentivise that I saw on the show there was only one I agreed with.  Part of the main reason I disagree with them surely the main reason anyone wants to become a Doctor is to help people, and by offering incentives to GP’’s isn’t that going against that?

Now I understand having incentives are good and one prime example of this is the incentive to give out the Flu jab to people to me yes GP’s should be doing it anyone as it is in the interest of the patient but that seems to be a positive incentive.  The latest one however is the incentive for GP’s to tell people they are fat.  My question is why should GP’s be paid extra to tell people they are fat? What happens to people that are on the borderline?  Also could problems be overlooked with the wanting to get that little of extra money in their pockets by telling the patient they are fat?

The other incentive that I was concerned about it was the one in which GP’s are encouraged not to send Patients to hospital, and like I have said must people you would of thought go into the medical profession to help people but we all know that if we have the opportunity to make a bit more money we will take it.  To me although the Flu jab incentive is a good one there are far too many incentives that could be detrimental to patient care.

As regards to the latest incentive to tell patients they are fat I believe the money would be better used by putting in place extra funding to help people with their diets and fitness rather then just lining the pocket for someone to tell them they are fat.

What are your thoughts should GP’s get incentives?  Should they be paid more telling people they are fat? Leave a comment and let me know.


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