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This week has been all about the social networks and how they effect us and the way in which we can use them to our advantages, so when it came over the news that Twitter has now acquired TweetDeck I was started to panic so I thought now would be a good time to get my thoughts down on this widely used third party application just in case Twitter destroys it.  Now if I am honest that statement is unfounded but it tends to happen when companies takeover a project or another company the quality of the product either slips or they change it.

TweetDeck has enjoyed quite a range of users, starting off with desktop users and IPhones users then expanding into Android and Google Chrome, but none more profound then being featured in Sky News this year for the coverage of the Royal Wedding.

Now my own personal experience with it is great although I have used it on and off due to the fact that for part of the time that I have been using it, it didn’t support Androids which it know does and that is the mobile platform I use.  One of the main selling points to me is the way in which they use columns you can have your home feed which is basically your time line of your tweets and the people you follow, then you can have your mentions and direct messages these are all by default.  By having these on different columns you are able to set different time frequencies in which they are checked for updates very useful on a mobile phone to save battery life.  On the desktop however its less important due to the fact you have all your columns on real-time as default.  The reason I find this a huge advantage is because I don’t want a global time scale for all my updates, I don’t particularly care about my home timeline I don’t need that to update as often as I do my mentions that I might need to respond to.  On the mobile version it also has the ability to have different notification settings which sounds you want whether you want any sounds at all and can be set separately to each column along with whether you want it to vibrate or flash a light.  Which great especially when you consider if you want to keep an eye and specific topic say for example your favourite TV show you can search for it and then add it as a column so that it is always available to you and you can set how often you want it to update and whether you want it to go off to alert you to new tweets for this search term.  Bare in mind that is use of it on a personal level imagine the advantage to that on a commercial level.

The other thing is that unlike other third party application where it says where the tweet as come from they don’t specify whether it is sent from an IPhone and Android or a Desktop it just says TweetDeck which helps to keep the devices you are using away from prying eyes if you are that conscious of information that people can gain from you.

All in all I think TweetDeck is an amazing application at the moment and its doesn’t just extend to twitter it includes other social networking tools such as Facebook and Google Buzz just to name a few, but to say that the future is unnerving to say the least with Twitter taking over, because we have seen other software companies take over other companies and the products have just gone downhill but having said that we have seen the opposite only time will tell.

What are your experiences with TweetDeck or thoughts on the takeover by Twitter. Let me know in a comment?

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