Young People’s Privacy on Social Networking Sites

After posting about Facebook’s (here if you want to read) want to allow under the 13s to use its site as well as other people and my suggestions that I came to with parents having the ability to see everything that is going on their child’s profile, something occurred to me is if there was such a system where would the cut off point be?

Loads of people have different views on the issue of children using the internet and not only the internet everyone has different views on when children are able to make decisions on their own and be able to manage their own lives.  So this kind of led me to thinking that if the law was changed about Facebook how would you change it?  Also would these changes be against the children’s right to privacy.

The big buzz word on the internet is our privacy, not only for children but everyone as marketing techniques and others are out there giving us concerns, but what about something as simple as a law change and how that could impact on someone’s privacy that might not be fully aware of it.  Yes we as society would be putting in a system to protect young people but at the same time the question then becomes at what age are we invading their own rights to privacy?

I think a sensible cut off as the law stands now if they were willing to change it that parents would have full access to the child’s account until 13 so it is giving some freedom for the child to have a Facebook account but at the same time can be heavily monitored more so then the people above 13.  That being said I can see some people saying that it should be higher and if so how much higher?  As everything it would probably be down to the individual situation but as society it would mean that we need to change the way we think of our human rights and at what age privacy becomes part of those for a young individual.

What are your thoughts on the ethics of privacy for young people?

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