Facebook for Under 13s – Yes or No?

For me this was an interesting question because to be honest I have never thought about it.  I think it could be the fact that it is the law and every social network works to it so why do we need to challenge it?

That being said I know that people putting the wrong details into a website to gain access to it so you know there is going to a minority of kids on Facebook that are going to be lower than the age that is regulated.  When this question did come up however I had a think about it and thought well if the kid has access to the internet why shouldn’t they have access to one of the most popular site on the internet?

We all know the risks involved that they could be talking to the wrong people using it but at the same time if they have internet access in my mind wouldn’t it be better that they have access to something like Facebook but closely monitored to teach them about web safety?

If Facebook plans to allow under 13s use the site I think they should put in a system that means that the under 13s account is linked directly to a parents site where the parent has instant access to everything in order to monitor the child’s use of the Facebook, with the ability to change and remove things as they see fit.

Although the internet is a dangerous place I think it could be getting safer because of the more computer savvy parents are now, they will be able to monitor the use of the internet if they are given the right tools than its previous generation.

How do you feel about under 13s using Facebook?

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/13521495

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