Super Injunctions – Should they be used like they are?

Super Injunctions or Gagging orders, are all over the news these last couple of days surrounding the premiership football player, now I am not here to talk this case in particular but here to talk about the law itself and how it is being used.

I must admit I find it difficult on this subject as I have two contrasting opinions to do with the rich and famous, the one being that their private life should be kept as it should be private and the other that if they live in the public eye then they should expect the fall out.  Like most things I agree that each case should be evaluated on its own merits, for example if you compare the current premiership player in the news to say someone like Katie Price that live their lives in the spotlight you should respect the premiership players private life.  The reasoning behind this statement is the fact this player is only famous for his professional career and doesn’t do anything other than his career as a football player to earn a living, do we even know this football player wife?

The part that I am torn though is the fact are we using these gagging orders in the right way, part of me thinks not the sensible option would be to ask yourself is it a greater risk to the population as oppose to one individual because these gagging orders are just going against the human right of freedom of speech in this country.  The only reason I can see for the Super Injunctions is when it brings in national security and would put people in serious danger as oppose to hiding people’s mistake that are famous.

So at one end of the argument I do believe that this individual deserves the right to keep his affairs private and out of the public eye, but at the same time I believe that these injunctions are not sustainable and maybe should be rethought to how and what the requirements should be met for these orders, so that you don’t get cases like these that undermine the authority of them.

Feel free to leave your comments on this controversial matter.

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