Obama the State Visit- Propaganda

While watching the lunch time bulletin of BBC News it was reporting on the US President Barack Obama’s state visit to the UK and the special relationship that we (the UK) have with the US.  Which there is no getting away from the US seems to be the country with have the most to do with when it comes to the world outlook and all the political moves that are made in this day and age.

That being said though we have recently made moves without them with France, but something in this report caught my eye and that was the fact that they seemed to be stressing how much of a World Leader the US is and to be honest, I do agree with that to a point however I wouldn’t agree with it completely.  I think that in the times we live in that the US. is a super power but they are not the only ones, but this report really did give off the impression that whoever is US president is the leader of the entire of the world.  Which to me seemed a bit odd because in this day and age I would of thought News providers would know that people are more intelligence then before and can make their own opinions up of politics and what they consider to be the state of play in the world.

Which lead me to two questions:

  1. What do we actually get out of the relationship with the US?
  2. Do people see the US President as the leader of the entire of the World?

My answer to the first question was yes they are good allies to have however they might not be as good as we think with their economy struggling, and over the last couple of years all they have brought on us is war.  We might be better off trying to ally better with the developing markets in the long run.

The second question I couldn’t come up with an answer so I would be interested in your views on that question so do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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