Mobile Security is it Needed?

This the question that BBC click asked this week, and for my really geeky mannerisms computer security intrigues me.

Along with the fact that I have only just recently decided to stick with one security software provider through the good, bad and the ugly. BBC click brought up the fact that we now spend more and more time on mobile devices and the operating systems are getting more powerful with these trends it is only a matter of time before hackers target these devices and they already have with the Google Android and symbian operating systems.

As I started looking around at the solutions for my own phone HTC Hero (Google Android) I really liked the features these software offered from just scanning your phone for rogue applications to also being able to remotely wipe the phone and locate it if its stolen.  All great features but the question became is this security needed?  As its become the normal to have it on a Windows operating system for everyone.

The answer I came to was that it depends on your situation and what you actually using your phone for, for example I only use a handful of applications and all are well known. Not only that I only have my contacts which are sensitive information on my phone in which I would just change my Google and Facebook passwords.

That being said if I was using my mobile device for a company dealing with other sensitive information there would be a need.

So do we need it?

My answer would be not for everyday use, however the security industry needs to be proactive for when there will be a need for it.  As that day will come

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