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Well it has to be said I didn’t know anything about this film going into it so it shouldn’t of been difficult to impress because there was no expectations but I was disappointed.  That being said though the film does have its merits and often wonder if it was better off done as some documentary into young gangs in London.

The film starts off with an ex Para called Miller and he is finding it hard to fit back into to civilian life.  Where he finds there isn’t really a need for his skill set in the world he’s been forced into which is normality.  The problem with him though is that he was so good an ex colleague in the Afghan tour meets up with him and says his brother can hook him up with some work.  After a couple of meetings he goes on a surveillance mission in the attempt to help the war effort by stopping arms smuggling into the country, which also pulls on him as he can see what its doing to his estate where he lives.

After that he starts to fall for the target and wants to save her only to find the group he has been working for is just as dodgy as the rest and are out to screw him over, they take the girl and kill her or so that is implied and then he goes on a spree to find her only to lead back to a very suspect ending.

I think that this film is quite well done was it any good though, I am not to convinced I was glad I went on cheap Tuesday’s to see it as it definitely wasn’t a blockbuster.

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