Professions in World of Warcraft

There are loads of guides out there that suggest that one profession is the better one and how to level them to their most efficient but on my latest venture into the the World of Warcraft something dawned on me.  That one person can have his or her views on professions and they might right for their server at that moment in time.

The beauty of World of Warcraft even though it is a fantasy game it is actually quite close to real life in some respects as it economy in this instance  does change according to the market and its demands.  For example my Warrior Tankstueey I decided to try glyph making and do inscription because we’ve all been there gone to get a glyph and its been like 200g.  Now think of the profit in that I thought to myself, however the glyph market is so up and down as it is something that needs people to start new characters or have new players come into the game.

I have seen in my recent trading of glyphs go from 200g although the way down to 3g hardly covering my costs in some cases where I have been lazy and bought the materials.  The only sure firer way to be successful in my opinion when it comes to making money with professions is to have two gathering professions as people will always need those items to make other stuff.

Don’t get too bogged down in making money as it is only a small part of the game. 

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