Low Level Warrior Tanking

Now this isn’t a very good start to the new time management however my new idea is a serious of articles to help you out with low level stuff in World of Warcraft because if your like me you will sit there when struggling with a certain part of the game you turn to Google. I have found however it being really useful that there are not many guides for low level you sit there wondering ok they are the moves you use at 80 to 85 but I don’t have them yet.  With that in mind I will aim to sum up everything you need for a new character in a new role.

Like any World of Warcraft character talent trees are important and by the time you are able to enter dungeons where you are going to be tanking for the first time you will have access to this feature of the game. The main thing here is getting the right tree, and as a Warrior Tank you will want to choose protection, and to be honest since the release of the Catalysm its not difficult to work out which tree you want because there are little icons to tell you what tree is specialised to what role.  The next job is where to allocate your points and the truth is, its whatever you think you character needs.  However I have found WOW Popular very useful as it shows the most popular talents,glyphs and gear for a character of whatever type.

So here is the Warrior Protection most popular page however I will point out that the first talent I’d make sure was full would be blood and thunder as this make sure that your rend will be spread with your thunderclap.

Rotation, now I must say that this is quite difficult because out of all the tanks the Warrior has the most diverse moves, however I have found that once you have charge on all stances of which you should be in Defensive whenever tanking. You are looking at charge, rend, thunderclap, then maybe shield slam followed by Heroic Strike.  After that you want to hit thunderclap again as it will refresh the rend and go along that pattern until you learn cleeve and then that will fit in between thunderclap and shield slam.

As for gear you are looking for anything with high amounts of strength and stamina as a Warrior tank holds threat by the amount of physical damage it does.

A little tip though is don’t be too disheartened when you loose aggro because it might not actually be your fault especially at lower levels as I have found when you have melee dps, e.g. paladins, druids and warriors.  Some times they have the wrong trinkets or buffs using and its not really your fault at all, if you find this happening just try your best to hold as much as you can and if all else fails keep your healer out of harms way.

P.S. At the moment anyway Tanks are needed a lot more then any other role so if people are on your back you can leave and they will have to wait longer for another run than you will.  Also remember its only a game so so what if you get wiped out especially when your only just learning the role.  Just remember to have fun.

Also feel free to comment and let me know your findings as I am no way an expert.

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