Why fix something if it isn’t Broke?

Something that I have always wondered is why on earth do I fiddle with computers so much?  Now I don’t presume to be an expert with them however it is what I did my degree in, and I do consider myself bordering on expert to advance user.  This meaning that I can find my away a PC and also do the odd bit of programming.

When I was sat reflecting on my latest move to Linux and now using Windows 7 that was causing me problems, I slowly realised that maybe I was putting my beloved machine through so much when there was actually no need for it.  Yes we all know now that Windows XP is out of date, but I slow came around to the idea that ok my machine had been upgraded over the years but XP was the operating system that it was built for so why was I trying to force the latest operating systems on?

This question actually made me think it was only because I wanted the latest and greatest software which meant needing a new operating system in the long run.  Part of me thought about what I actually use my PC for now and the more I thought about it the more I realised I didn’t need to upgrade.  So with that I considered my options and remembered I had my original hard drive sat in a box and got it out, and cloned it, like I had done 3 years previous when I upgraded to a bigger hard drive.  Back on Windows XP Media Center what the PC was built to handle.

Going down memory lane at this point looking at the files that were left on the hard drive and realising that when this Hard Drive was removed I was using the PC as my TV.  Since I have got myself a HD TV with a VGA input so I have been watching the TV through that, however as I fiddled with the PC I decided lets go back to 3 or 4 years ago and popped the aerial in to the TV Tuner card on the PC and updated everything.

I was up and running now just needed to sort out my security and I was away, an out of date version of Norton was running on it, now I had been using Kaspersky Pure on the machine with Windows 7 but I must admit I found it a bit of a drag on my system then but I thought no I’ll give it ago.  2 hours later is off replaced with a trial of Norton Internet Security 2011 and straight away I had my computer back running full speed.

Realising ok now I am sat at my PC with everything on I actually need and it hasn’t really changed since, 3 to 4 years ago why did I ever bother changing everything?  The answer is because of the unknown something could possibly be better, but the truth is this searching around for something better isn’t necessarily the best thing.

Now just have to wait for World of Warcraft to download.

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Well what can I say I have to be one of the most boring people going but you've obviously found something of interest on this site so why not stick around and found out a bit more. I originally started blogging after taking Web Design at University and its just gone from there. I have made a few mistakes on the way and decided to start a fresh due to problems but this is going to be the real deal. Typically talking tech and what matters to me :) Happy reading and keep smiling Stueeey

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